Ambassador FAQ

Will we have access to any outreach or promotional materials?

Most of the outreach will be done electronically (i.e. social media, email, etc) but we will specify if any physical materials will be required.

Are Miss CEO programs strictly for female students only?

Our programs are primarily targeted toward girls in grades 9-12 (unless otherwise specified), but all students are welcome to attend.

If I obtain a list of girls interested in signing up for the Miss CEO newsletter, may I input their info directly to the newsletter sign up Or do they have to do it themselves?

Miss CEO prefers that students sign up directly for the newsletter on the site (since personal opt-in is required). Ambassadors may also submit a copy of their sign up sheets to our team so we can input the information directly.

How Do I fund or raise money for my Miss CEO workshop?

In terms of financing - I would first ask you to analyze your specific requirements in terms of your event/workshop. Do you really need to cater this event and what supplies are you seeking? A lot of our Ambassadors usually host pretty "lightweight" events with no food or supplies they already have on hand (perhaps scheduling your event at a time that does not conflict with a standard mealtime). The focus of your event should really be the content (i.e. presentation and activity). If you have ideas on how you can raise funds or get resources from other partner orgs you may know then that's great, but we don't want your focus to necessarily be on fundraising. We want you to focus your efforts on outreach and creating an enriching and inspiring experience for your peers - be creative and think out of the box on how you can achieve this!

How Do I reach out to potential partners (i.e. venues) or guest speakers for my Miss CEO Ambassador event?

Here is a link to an email template you can customize and use.

HOw do we book a speaker from Miss CEO for our Ambassador event?

If you have a lot of interest from students for a Miss CEO Ambassador event and/or anticipate a lot of attendees (i.e. large class, club or assembly in nature), you can definitely ping our team to check availability for a speaking engagement (due to our busy schedules it can be tough for us to accommodate every speaking request, but we can try). If you feel like this workshop will be more intimate in nature (i.e. less than 30 students, elementary or middle school audience, etc) we would recommend you take the lead in hosting the event and/or inviting a local career speaker from your community to help. In addition to leveraging the Miss CEO workshop guidelines, feel free to reach out to the Miss CEO team for help and feedback.