Miss CEO Explorer Series 



The Miss CEO Explorer Series provides middle school and high school girls with career exploration opportunities across emerging fields and disciplines. Miss CEO Explorer events feature interactive presentations and activities to encourage students to think critically about a cutting-edge industry, learn about the exciting opportunities available, and connect with relevant resources and mentors.


During a Miss CEO Explorer event, participants:

  • gain insight into various career paths from female role models in cutting-edge industries

  • discover how leadership learnings can be applied to real-world professional opportunities

  • network with mentors and fellow participants

program features

  • Expert speaker panel

  • Exclusive company/lab tour

  • Interactive workshops/onsite demos

  • Networking and 1:1 mentoring opportunities  


It is life-changing participating in these kinds of events.

As a senior who is about to apply to colleges, this event gave me some clarity on what my next steps should be.

Past partners and sponsors include: