1:1 Negotiation Prep


Whether you are looking to obtain a higher salary, more resources or a better job title, negotiation is a skill that is critical to master in order to successfully achieve your goals. Our 1:1 negotiation prep session will provide you with practical, useful and realistic information on how to excel at negotiations commonly found in a variety of professional situations. Specifically, you will learn how to:

  • Develop a more confident and proactive approach and gather the right information so you are fully prepared to negotiate well

  • Assess your market value so your expectations are realistically aligned with what you deserve

  • Leverage exclusive, real-life examples and case studies of what has worked for many professionals when it comes to negotiating new job offers, raises, bonuses, and promotions. e.g. What does a successful conversation with recruiter look like? How and when do you approach your boss for a raise? 

About the Coach

Nita Singh Kaushal wants to empower women of all ages and backgrounds with the training and tools so they can effectively advocate for themselves. As the Founder of Miss CEO, Nita has personally conducted negotiation workshops for thousands of students and professionals all over the world. Additionally, she teaches negotiation and leadership at Stanford University as a Lecturer in the School of Engineering and the Stanford Continuing Studies Department. Read Nita’s full bio here.

What’s included

  • 30 minute private interactive session over Zoom (preferred) or phone

  • Templates and scripts to help you develop a winning negotiation strategy


Professional: $39

Student: $19

Invoice will be emailed after appointment time has been confirmed by both parties.

In their own words

Nita’s coaching provides actionable and effective tips for women in the workplace. I got the chance to immediately employ her guidance and wisdom to negotiate a better salary for my new job. Nita is an empowering and captivating educator and I would work with her again in a heartbeat.
— Jennifer M.