Summer Leadership Academy

Q: How will the Summer Leadership Academy be helpful for the college admissions process?

A: Our expert team of professional leaders, Stanford faculty, and alumni from top of the country's top universities truly believe that the Summer Leadership Academy can have a positive impact on how you navigate upcoming academic decisions, especially the college admission process. In addition to receiving premier leadership training that will help you develop critical skills such as effective communication, time management and risk taking, our team will help you spearhead a project in an area of your interest/passion with the goal of producing tangible, positive results for your community which you can show to others (i.e. your peers, teachers, family, college admission teams). We will also work with you to make sure you can effectively communicate your background, accomplishments/qualifications and goals in a wide variety of settings, including on college applications. And finally, you will be able to forge long-lasting relationships with top mentors, influential role models, and Stanford alumni who will not only guide you throughout the summer, but also in the years to come when it's time to apply for college, interview for internships/jobs, or navigate any other important decision you may have.

Q. Can you share some more information about the Summer Leadership Academy instructors and guest speakers?

A: Our finalized list of speakers and mentors for the Summer Leadership Academy will be published soon. In the meantime, you can review the bios of our lead program instructors here. During the course of the 5-day program, we will be leveraging an extensive network of local leaders, industry experts as well as key members from the Stanford community (students, professors and alumni) in order to inspire and teach the students about a wide range of leadership areas and disciplines. An additional advantage students will receive from attending the Summer Leadership Academy is that they will receive exclusive and on-going access to the Miss CEO Mentor Network (which includes the camp's instructors, speakers and mentors) that can prove especially helpful in the years to come as they navigate important academic and professional decisions such as applying to college, interviewing for internships/jobs, negotiating salaries, etc.

Q. Can you describe the application process for the Summer Leadership Academy?

Students must apply for the program on the Miss CEO Summer Leadership Academy website. Student applications are reviewed by the Miss CEO team. After review of the application, students may qualify for the next and final stage, which is a 30 minute phone interview with the Miss CEO team. The interview also gives prospective students an opportunity to ask specific questions about the program.