Our Philosophy

Empower the Next Generation of Women Leaders

Our goal is to equip our students with the ultimate leadership toolkit to confidently forge their own individual path and build a life of personal meaning and fulfillment. We make career exploration and leadership principles tangible and practical so students can take concrete steps towards their goals on day one.

Deliver World-Class Mentorship

Miss CEO educators are trusted friends and mentors to students, growing alongside them as they navigate the various stages in their lives. Our team of accomplished instructors are not only leaders in their respective fields, but are also role-models and gifted educators who are passionate about breaking down barriers for women and girls.

Create Valuable Impact

Our students not only dream big, but also learn how to execute on their plans. We encourage our students to aim high and step outside of their comfort zones to contribute meaningful and innovative solutions to improve their communities.

Foster Growth through Compassion

We strive to make meaningful relationships with our students and help them develop authentic leadership styles which reflect their own unique experiences, values, and strengths. We believe in creating an engaging, warm, safe, and fun learning environment in order to develop maximum creativity, curiosity, resourcefulness, and confidence in our students.