Miss CEO Summer Leadership Academy Application Form

In order to offer an intimate and inspiring learning environment where students can receive special one-on-one instruction and mentorship, we require all prospective Summer Leadership Academy students to submit an online application in order to qualify for participation in the program. The first step is to fill out and submit the online application by Sunday March 3rd, 2019. Student applications are reviewed by the Miss CEO team. After review of the application, students may qualify for the next and final stage, which is a 30 minute phone interview with the Miss CEO team.

To ensure a spot at the Miss CEO Summer Leadership Academy, we encourage prospective students to apply as soon as possible. Once the program is full, applications will proceed on a waiting list.

2019 Summer Leadership Academy Application

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If you are applying for financial aid, please fill out the supplementary form below.
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2018 Miss CEO Financial Aid Form

At Miss CEO our mission is to empower girls of all socio-economic backgrounds and we are proud to offer financial aid and scholarships for qualifying students. Aid is granted based upon need, as well as other factors including merit. Families who feel they cannot cover the full cost of tuition are encouraged to apply. The largest awards made assume full need but still require a minimum contribution from the family. Financial Aid requests are expected to exceed the amount of funds available; therefore we cannot guarantee that the full amount requested will be met. A student's acceptance into the program will not be contingent on their financial aid request. Students will be notified of their aid award along with their letter of acceptance.