Miss CEO Summer Leadership Academy



The Miss CEO Summer Leadership Academy empowers young women to identify and leverage academic and professional opportunities. This one week program at Stanford University is designed for high school girls to develop their leadership toolkit, spearhead high impact projects for their schools and communities, and learn directly from respected female leaders, world renowned faculty, Stanford alumni and students. Participants develop critical skills including effective communication, time management, networking, career exploration, goal setting, and risk taking.


The Miss CEO Summer Leadership Academy provides students with:

  • Robust leadership education from the Miss CEO toolkit, through which students learn and immediately start applying new concepts in their lives

  • Hands-on experience planning and initial execution of impactful school- and community-oriented projects

  • Insights from mentors and speakers including the Bay Area’s most influential and prominent female leaders

  • Long-lasting relationships with of inspiring mentors and promising young women from all over the country


Each day of the program features classroom instruction, breakout sessions, highly interactive and memorable class activities including on-campus scavenger hunt and networking exercises with female professionals, project time, as well as an opportunity to learn from prominent guest speakers including mentors and women leaders from various fields. Program curriculum covers the following leadership topics:

  • Negotiation: Students learn to get comfortable “asking for more” in a variety of situations and practice negotiating creative solutions.

  • Finding Your Strengths: Students recognize the significance and diversity of leaders, as well as identify their own unique leadership profiles and skillsets.

  • Working in Teams: Students discuss the current state of women in leadership and learn how to overcome negative pressures/stereotypes when they unite together and leverage their individual strengths.

  • Effective Communication: Students learn to utilize their voice in an effective and powerful way as well as craft and deliver a memorable elevator pitch.

  • Goal Setting: Students set SMART goals and create a specific action plan for a select goal(s).

  • Networking: Students learn how to cultivate effective relationships with others (i.e. the Miss CEO network) and embrace the power of networking as it applies to achieving their goals.

  • Time Management: Students rethink personal productivity and develop a system that works best for their specific personality types with the emphasis on being as productive, stress-free, and fulfilled as possible.

  • Design Thinking 101/Learning from Failure: Students experience product/project development from start to finish while leveraging their individual strengths, working in teams, embracing failure, and stretching themselves outside their comfort zones.


Tuition for 2019 Summer Leadership Academy is $1095 per student. This includes instruction, educational materials and resources, activities, snacks, and bringing in guest speakers. This does not include housing, meals, cost of travel to and from campus, or spending money.

Payment timeline: Once a student is accepted into the Summer Leadership Academy, a non-refundable $330.00 deposit which is applied toward tuition is required to secure registration. You may choose to pay in full upon acceptance as well. Otherwise, the remaining balance will be due on May 1, 2019.

Financial Aid

At Miss CEO our mission is to empower girls of all socio-economic backgrounds and we are proud to offer financial aid and scholarships for qualifying students. Aid is granted based upon need, as well as other factors including merit. Families who feel they cannot cover the full cost of tuition are encouraged to apply. The largest awards made assume full need but still require a minimum contribution from the family. Financial Aid requests are expected to far exceed the amount of funds available; therefore we cannot guarantee that the full amount requested will be met. A student's acceptance into the program will not be contingent on their financial aid request. Students will be notified of their aid award along with their letter of acceptance.

Cancellation Policy

Cancellations prior to May 1, 2019 will result in only the loss of the non-refundable deposit. Cancellations after May 1, 2019 and up to 30 days before the start of your program sessions will qualify for a 50% tuition refund. Refunds will not be available within 30 days of the start of your program session.


Read the SLA FAQ or email info@missceo.org if you have additional questions.



Monday June 17th-Friday June 21st (9am-3pm)


Young women, completing grades 9-12


Stanford University

SLA was one of the best experiences of my life...I became more courageous and ready to venture out into the world.

featuring female leaders from prominent institutions such as:  


SLA changed my outlook on leadership and I feel better prepared to be a leader in my community. It was also fun to be with so many awesome people who are just as motivated as I am to succeed.
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The most important thing that I loved about Miss CEO was the environment. Everyone here was so kind and loving and open to ideas. It was amazing to be able to be completely open about my life and share my ideas and thoughts with girls who were incredibly empowering!