2019 Miss CEO Ambassador Workshop Guidelines


Miss CEO ambassador-led workshops provide ambassadors with the unique opportunity to:

  1. Spread Miss CEO’s mission to empower young women with leadership education, mentorship and career exploration opportunities

  2. Embody the role of a leader by hosting an engaging and inspiring workshop in the ambassador’s school and community

Recommended format:

  • Suggested length: 45-60 min in length

  • Venue: potential ideas include school, community center, library, etc. (room with a projector, screen and appropriate cables is preferred)

  • Target size: min 15 students

  • Requirements: Review and practice the Miss CEO Overview presentation (speaking notes coming soon)

Example schedule:

  • 15 min: Introduction and Miss CEO Overview presented by Miss CEO Ambassador

  • 30-45 min: Ambassador-led leadership activity or guest talk illustrating one or more of the key themes from Miss CEO’s leadership toolkit - e.g. guest speaker, informational interview practice, career panel, etc.

Best practices:

  • Develop a robust project plan at least 4 weeks out (i.e. venue booking, outreach, registration, onsite logistics, etc.).

  • Ambassadors may recruit other qualified individuals or organizations to help with the execution of the various event tasks but key Miss CEO responsibilities, messaging and overall results are owned by the Ambassador.

  • Feel free to modify and customize this recommended email template when reaching out to potential vendors, venues or guest speakers for your Miss CEO Ambassador event. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to the Miss CEO team info@missceo.org

  • Ambassadors who live in nearby communities may host a workshop together (please reach out to Miss CEO for approval as the goals of this workshop should be commensurate with the number of Ambassadors involved).

  • Make sure to take pictures, share on social media and document your achievement for the Miss CEO blog. Read examples from past Ambassadors here.